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How To Install Windows In Dell Computer?

Posted by admin / 2, march 2018

Are you having some general problems on your Dell computer? Is this slowing down? Don’t worry at all; we have the solution to this problem. Installing a new window will solve all your problems like freezing, slowing down and even virus infections.

  • 1. Buy a Windows 8.1 DVD to install into your system. Insert the DVD into the optical drive and restart your computer.
  • 2. When the logo of the Dell appears on the screen, press F12 key repeatedly until the Please click Boot Device menu appears on the desktop screen.
  • 3. Select the option of CD/DVD/CD-RW Device and press Enter key.
  • 4. Doing this will show the Windows 8.1 Setup, click Language to install.
  • 5. Also, select the Time, currency format and keyboard input method.
  • 6. Click Next button and then select Install Now.
  • 7. The Product Key screen will appear. Navigate to your product key and type it in the given box provided.
  • 8. Now, click Next button to continue and Accept the license shown on the screen.
  • 9. Select the checkbox at the bottom of the screen to accept and click Accept to move further.
  • 10. Thereafter, select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) on the Which Type of Installation do you Want screen.
  • 11. For a clean installation, remove all partitions that are visible by highlighting them one at a time and clicking Delete.
  • 12. Once this is done, select Unallocated Space and then click the option of New.
  • 13. Go to Apply to create your new Windows 8.1 partitions, click Next button.
  • 14. Windows will now be freshly installed on your Dell computer and it will restart several times.
  • 15. After some time, it is start to work.

If you have another problem related to Windows update, screen related issues or technical error while installation of software, then contact to Dell Support Canada. By contacting on this number, you will be assisted by our executives, who will guide you the way to solve the problem. Also, virus infection can also be removed from the system if there is any. We have specialized engineers, who have years of experience in dealing with computer problems.

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